DI Registration Form

From Julie Milbrandt:  

Destination Imagination (DI) Registration is now open. DI has been in the Groton School District since 1989 as both OM and then as DI in 1999. Students in grades K-12 may participate. Students involved in DI develop life skills. Some of these include research skills, public speaking, working in groups, critical thinking, communication, and artistry. Each year, several teams of up to seven members are formed. Team members choose a Team Challenge of their choice. The team then creates a skit of up to 8 minutes in length that creatively presents the solution to their challenge. Teams usually meet once a week until March or April. In addition to the Team Challenge, the teams also are presented with an Instant Challenge! This challenge provides the teams a chance to be creative and use on-their-feet thinking to provide a solution to a problem they have just been given. They are usually provided 3-5 minutes to develop their solution and 2 minutes to present their solution to the appraisers.  


If you would like your child to participate in the program - please complete the registration form and return it to Mrs. Groeblinghoff or Mrs. Milbrandt at the elementary school. Elementary students brought home a registration form, there are a few at the office in the HS, or see the form attached. To make our program successful, we also need team managers. Training can be provided for team managers. If you, or someone you know, would be interested, we'd love to visit about it. Please contact Mrs. Groeblinghoff or Mrs. Milbrandt with any questions. 


Thanks for considering DI as a school activity for your child to participate in.