Live Stream Update

Tiger Fans,

We've received notice of a change to the livestream for state wrestling.  Here is an excerpt from that notice from SDHSAA Executive Director Dr. Dan Swartos explaining how you can watch our wrestlers:


  1. The matches will still have all wrestler info and look the same as they have in years past,  you'll just be accessing them a different way. 
  2. You will not be able to directly access the stream from TrackWrestling. You'll have to use track wrestling to see what mat your wrestler is on, and then go to that mat on the SDPB YouTube channel. This is much like you have to do if you've ever watched the NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Tournament- you use Track to see what mat the wrestler is on and then select the mat you want to watch on WatchESPN. 
  3. If you click a link on Track Wrestling and it is asking you to subscribe to something in order to watch a match, don't do it. The matches are free via SDPB. 
  4. The process will be the same on Saturday for the Dual Tournament. Find the mat your team is on and go to that mat on the SDPB site. 
  5. The finals matches will still be broadcast live on SDPB as usual. 

I apologize- this is not as convenient as in years past but many people (myself, SDPB, the NFHS Network, and more) attempted nearly continuously for 24 straight hours to get this resolved with FloSports and it did not work. I apologize for any inconvenience; if we had more time than a day to get it resolved, we may have been able to come up with a better solution. Having said that, this solution should work well and I hope you don't notice a difference from years past with the exception of not being able to click directly on the match to access the stream.  I want to thank SDPB and the NFHS Network for tremendous work in attempting to make this work and for their work in putting together an alternative on extremely short notice. 

Below is a statement being released by SDPB, along with the link to the Matches:


South Dakota Public Broadcasting prides itself on making all high School Activities accessible to our viewers at no charge. Because SDPB is the exclusive rights-holder to SDHSAA Wrestling Championships, individual matches will not be available through TrackWrestling or other sources. All matches for all classes will stream at”