Mary Schmidt

We are pleased to welcome a student teacher from Northern State University for the spring semester for High School Science.  Ms. Mary Schmidt is nearing the end of her undergraduate program and is excited to begin her formal field experience and we're excited that she's here.

Ms. Schmidt will be student teaching with Mrs. Gonsoir - Chemistry I, Chemistry II, and Biology II.

Please read Ms. Schmidt's letter below.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is Mary Schmidt, and I am a senior chemistry education major at Northern State University. I will be student teaching in Mrs. Gonsoir’s classroom until April 8th. I am from Yankton, SD but moved to Aberdeen, where I currently live, after I graduated high school.

My interest in teaching started in high school. I had many inspiring teachers in my school career that lead me to a degree in education. I am passionate about helping students and instilling in them a love of learning. I want to inspire students to love chemistry the way my teachers inspired me. I am thankful for this opportunity to grow and learn alongside the students!

 I have been in Mrs. Gonsoir’s classroom for the first week of school and have enjoyed getting to know the students and being able to learn alongside them. So far, this experience has been rewarding and helped me see that this is the career meant for me. I will be teaching with Mrs. Gonsoir and working with your students through this experience. I look forward to teaching your students for the next twelve weeks and am grateful for this experience of getting to know and work with them!


Mary Schmidt
NSU Teacher Candidate