December 22nd Schedule and Break

December 20, 2021

Merry Christmas- Almost! 

The last day of the first semester is this Wednesday, December 22nd, and we will run a shortened schedule for the MS/HS Building releasing school at 2:00pm. 

1st          8:30-9:17am

2nd         9:21-10:08am

3rd          10:12-10:59am

1st Lunch             11:03-11:26am

1st 4th                    11:03-11:42am

2nd 4th                   11:26-12:05pm

2nd Lunch            11:42-12:05pm

5th          12:09-12:42pm

6th          12:46-1:19pm

7th          1:23-2:00pm      

For students and families who would like to have their MS or HS student attend the Elementary Christmas Concert on December 22nd, please see the following statement taken from school policy.

If you plan to go to the Elementary Christmas Program (Wednesday, December 22) you must follow School Board Policy:  

Students are not allowed to attend regular school activities which are held during the school day unless they are watching a sibling, they are accompanied by a parent, and are not on the ineligibility list.  All students meeting the aforementioned criteria and who are planning on attending must have their parents notify the office at least one day in advance.  Any violations will result in an unexcused absence.  This includes any K-12 classroom or co-curricular activity, unless it is approved by the principal.  All work must be completed prior to being excused.  


Enjoy the Christmas Season and Christmas Vacation Everyone!


Mrs. Sombke


Other Dates to Know:


December 23-January 3: Christmas Break, No School

January 4, 2022: School resumes on January 4, 2022