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I wanted to give a quick shoutout to Samantha Pappas has just finished up Round Zero at her SECOND National Speech and Debate Association tournament! With her practice round out of the way, she will prepare a minimum of 5 more extemporaneous speeches and present them to her judges. 

For those not familiar with the speech world, this means Sam will be given at least 5 more completely random questions about the United States (politics, economy, health, international relations, business, or any other topic) and will have 30 minutes to write a 7 minute speech explaining her answer to those questions. It is a crazy challenge, but one that I know she will excel at!

Good luck to SD state champ and two time national qualifier, Sam Pappas! She should be starting her prep time for her next speech soon, but if you have a chance today or tomorrow please send her a word of congratulations! She certainly deserves it!!