PAEMST Award Cover

Groton Area Science Teacher, Mrs. Kristen Gonsoir, has earned the recognition of state-level finalist for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.  Mrs. Gonsoir is one of only three teachers statewide to remain as a finalist.

Mrs. Gonsoir was nominated for this award by Keri Pappas (Groton Area High School Class of 2017).

Mrs. Gonsoir has taught in the Groton Area School District since 1992.

Here is what others are saying about Mrs. Gonsoir:

“While many science instructors will make use of lab activities, I’ve never witnessed any to so seamlessly tie the purpose of the activity to the content instruction and learning objectives.”

“Holding students to a high standard of achievement is an area where Mrs. Gonsoir separates herself from other professional educators.”

“She sets high standards in the classroom, and while she expects dedication, hard work, and “grit,” she goes above and beyond in working with students and truly giving each child what they need to succeed.”

“Without her, thousands of students would not have the love for learning that they do today. Her and her passions are truly a catalyst for change.”