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Pre-participation forms for the 2021-2022 athletics season are available.

Students are required to have a physical exam at least once every three years, typically in grades 7 and 10.

In the interim, students are required to complete a pre-participation health questionnaire.  

Additionally, the following are required from all student-athletes prior to beginning practices with their team.

SDHSAA Consent for Participation
SDHSAA Consent for Medical Treatment
SDHSAA Consent for Medical Release (HIPAA)
Groton Area School District Alcohol/Tobacco Use and Marijuana/Controlled Substance Form
SDHSAA Concussion Fact Sheet for Students
SDHSAA Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents
Groton Area School District ImPACT Concussion Testing Consent

Physical Exam Packet (for students that need a physical exam conducted by qualified medical professional).

Interm Health Packet (for students who do not need a physical exam)