October/November Student of the Month

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October Student of the Month:

Starting in back Left Brody Lord (6th), Carly Gilbert (7th), Elizabeth Fliehs (8th), Kyleigh Englund (9th)
Front Left Alexis Hanten (12th), Andrew Marzahn (10th), Madeline Fliehs (11th)

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November Student of the Month:

Back left: Axel Warrington (8th), Elliana Weismantel (10th), Kansas Kroll (11th), Ava Wienk (9th) 
Front Left: Eh Tha You Say (12th), Nathan Unzen (7th), Ashlynn Warrington (6th) 

We are so proud of the above named students for being selected as the October and November Students of the Month for their grade!

Groton Area School works to ensure that all levels of academic instruction also include the necessary life skills teaching, practicing, and modeling that encourages essential personal life habits that are universally understood to facilitate helping our students become good human beings and citizens. 

It is learning with our heads, hearts, and hands to be caring and civil, to make healthy decisions, to effectively problem solve, to be respectful and responsible, to be good citizens, and to be empathetic and ethical individuals.  

Students are selected based on individual student growth in the areas of:  positive behavior, citizenship, good attendance, a thirst for knowledge, and high academic standards.

Congratulations students!  Well done!

Mrs. Sombke