Dates to Know- Important Calendar Updates

Upcoming Dates to Know:  Great Opportunities Coming Your Student’s Way!

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October 8: Parent Teacher Conferences Continued via email, zoom, or phone call/Teacher Inservice Day- No School

October 12: Instructional Planning Day for Teachers- No School

October 12: School Board Meeting @ 7:00pm- Elementary Commons

October 14: Lifetouch Pictures (Elementary)

October 14: PSAT Test for juniors, hours 1-4- please contact Mrs. Schwan for more information

October 15: Lifetouch Pictures (MS/HS)

October 16: Regular school day for all students

October 16: End of 1st Quarter!

October 20: Scholarship Presentation @ 6:00pm- Presentation will be offered in person or via zoom; please contact Mrs. Schwan to sign up for a zoom email link.  The presentation will be for seniors and their parents or guardians, and will cover the basics of the scholarship application process, where to find scholarships, how to apply, and other important facts regarding the individual scholarships.

October 22: ASVAB Test- The ASVAB test is mainly known as the test for Military acceptance and job placement, however another important factor of the test is the career match component that is built into the test itself.  Each student will receive not only their ASVAB result but will also receive suggestions for career placement.  Any Junior or Senior can sign up to take the test at no cost. Please see Mrs. Schwan for more information regarding the upcoming ASVAB test.

October 23: Instructional Planning Day for Teachers- No School

October 24: ACT at Groton Area- please see for specific information regarding testing protocol

October 27: October 27th will be Financial Aid Night via Zoom.  Becky Pribyl with the Financial Aid office at NSU will be explaining and guiding Seniors and their parents or guardians on how to apply for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA Form).  Please contact Mrs. Schwan if you have questions.

October 30: Instructional Planning Day for Teachers- No School

November 2: November 2nd is the Free College Application week.  Any Senior can apply up to 3 colleges at no cost. Please contact Mrs. Schwan with any questions regarding this opportunity to apply at no cost to the college of your student’s choice.

November 3: On November 3rd all seniors will complete the National Career Readiness (NCRC) test.  

November 3: FBLA will be hosting a Blood Drive- Arena Lobby from 9:00-12:45, contact Mrs. Compton or an FBLA member to schedule an appointment to donate!

November 6: Instructional Planning Day for Teachers- No School

November 9: School Board Meeting @ 7:00pm- Elementary Commons

November 9-10: Juniors and Seniors may begin registering for Spring 2021 Dual Credit Classes 

November 11: Veterans Day

November 12: Midterm for 2nd quarter

November 13: Lifetouch Picture Re-Takes

November 20: Instructional Planning Day for Teachers- No School

November 26-27: Thanksgiving Vacation- No School

December 4: Instructional Planning Day for Teachers- No School

December 10: Next date to choose to move to remote learning for the 3rd quarter

December 14: School board Meeting @ 7:00pm- Elementary Commons

December 18: Instructional Planning Day for Teachers- No School

Thank you for meeting me on the “Sunny Side”!

This provides an opportunity to shine the spotlight on all the different people and groups who are working hard to make a difference in our school, in our community, and in our world right now.  Such as:

  • Our school custodial staff are working hard in keeping our schools clean and safe!  We are so grateful for their continued work to make things sparkle all around us; this includes our teachers this year as they are cleaning desks, counters, door handles, and all other communally touched classroom items each hour of the day.  Talk about spreading sunshine through prevention and teamwork, way to go custodians and teachers!
  • MS/HS PAC shows up and shows out!  We are so grateful for all the areas that this group has made a difference in for our students and teachers daily work life at school this year such as: contributing a large donation to bring air conditioning to the MS/HS, providing supports and donations to support students and families in need, providing book covers for all 6th grade students (and they found all the colors too!), providing a special morning pizza treat for all students in grades 6-12 on Homecoming Day, and for again providing a wonderful meal for our teachers on Parent Teacher Conference Day.  Our MS/HS PAC gets a double “Sunny” rating!
  • Coaches, secretaries, paraprofessionals, kitchen staff, bus drivers, and group advisors have all stepped up and accommodated in learning to allow for the changes and requirements for working within the COVID parameters.  These professionals are a lot like the energizer bunny, no matter how they have to change or learn to be flexible to keep serving, they do, and their work shows this “Can Do” attitude!  We are so grateful that our students and families have access to all the “extras” these professionals and services provide.
  • Parents, guardians, and families have continued to partner with us in new ways this year in educating these amazing young people.  We can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding when schedules and plans need to change without much notice in order to continue to work preventatively to keep staff, students, and families healthy and well. Thank you for all you are doing on a daily basis to support the learning and wellness plans in place for all students!  Please keep letting your child’s teacher know when you have questions, or when you or your child need more guidance regarding the Brightspace Learning Platform, or any other questions regarding your child’s learning.

To end our “Sunny Side Time Together”, I’m including an article which shows and explains how scientists are working to help the tinniest of turtles, with teeny tiny GPS- check out this amazing work using tiny technology!  To read the full story, go to

Tiny acts of Kindness can go a long way!

Stay positive and stay well everyone!

See you next time!

Mrs. S 😊