Updates and Encouragements

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Reaching out to provide another reminder of the opportunities to connect with our teachers and staff, and some other ways to get to see our amazing students and staff active today.

Parent Teacher Conferences will continue throughout the day today via email, zoom, or phone call with your child’s teacher.  Please contact your teacher by emailing or call the school to set up a time or speak with your child’s teacher.  The MS/HS office number is 397-8381.

Groton Area is proud to be hosting the 2020 Lake Region Marching Festival today!  The Groton Area Marching Band will step off at 10:00am this morning as one of the eleven bands that will be performing on main street on this beautiful fall day.  Go Marching Tigers!  The Marching Festival will also be livestreamed on gdilive for anyone who prefers watching from their favorite comfy chair or couch!

I want to recognize and thank everyone who has been doing “extra” lately; it seems that our new normal will continue to include “additional” and sometimes even “unexpected”.  Most of us would be excited to see the words “extra, additional, and unexpected” attached to the numbers on our paycheck or maybe even in describing our favorite meal being prepared for us. It is more challenging to respond positively when the extra may mean additional duties in your workday or family life, including the challenge of little to no warning when and if your child’s schedule changes “unexpectedly”.  A big “thank you” to our teachers as they adjust to many of these “extras, additional, and unexpected” on a daily basis- they are keeping the learning going forward no matter what!

Parents and families have been doing such an amazing job working to support their child’s adjustment to the Brightspace Learning Platform, and we look forward to everyone growing more comfortable and more proficient in using the online learning platform.  Please continue to let your child’s teacher know if and when they are experiencing frustrations or problems; today may be a great day to connect with your child’s teacher to talk through some of those specific challenges.

A special thank you goes out to the MS/HS PAC for providing a meal for our teachers as they worked during conferences yesterday; it is amazing how much caring and support can come through a meal!  From air conditioning to great food, our PAC group and members work to make a difference in our teacher’s and student’s workdays and lives!  Our MS/HS PAC is the BEST!  Maybe you’d like to help make a difference by joining PAC to support our 6-12 grades students, staff, and families?  There is always room for more helpers!  If you are interested, please contact the MS/HS Office and leave your name and number.  

As we continue to move throughout the school year I have no doubt that our students, staff, and families will continue to meet any new challenges with the same optimism and understanding used in accepting the new “extras, additions, and unexpected change of schedule/plans” that this year has already brought.  In closing I’d like to remind everyone that every little bit of positive helps, and prevention works to help keep people physically health, but also emotionally healthy.  The African Saying below gives us an example of how something so small can make such a big and noticeable difference in everyday life.  Thank you to all of our families, parents, and guardians for all you are doing in support of our students, staff and the learning happening during this time!

Keep smiling everyone, it’s going to be a beautiful day today!

Mrs. Sombke 😊