Mrs. Yeigh- MS/HS Teacher of the Week!

Congratulations to Mrs. Yeigh, Groton Area MS/HS Music Teacher, who is this week's "MS/HS Teacher of the Week"!  Groton Area is grateful for Mrs. Yeigh's continued dedication and service to our students, parents, families, staff, and community.  Please give Mrs. Yeigh a well deserved, "Well Done!" when you see her!  We also wish to recognize Mrs. Yeigh and the Yeigh family for their sacrifice and service as a military family, having Mrs. Yeigh's husband actively currently deployed overseas.  We recognize that the gift of this service comes from the entire Yeigh family, and we offer our heartfelt gratitude to them on this Veterans Day!  Thank you for serving!

Each Week a different MS/HS Staff member is recognized for their service to the Groton Area School District, being honored in receiving "Miller-Teacher of the Week Pet", Teacher of the Week Black Executive Chair, and use of the new Teacher of the Week Personalized Parking Spot.  All MS/HS Teacher of the Week supplies and items are sponsored by the Groton Area MS/HS PAC.

The MS/HS PAC works hard to actively support, encourage, and recognize the efforts of all staff.  The MS/HS PAC are always ready to welcome new members, and are grateful for any amount of time, talent, or ideas you have to share!  Please see Mrs. Sombke if you would like more information on how you can participate in upcoming PAC activities.