Jr Rural Economic Leadership and Development

On October 30th, high school students from Groton Area spent the morning learning about kindness, leadership, fiscal responsibility, and community involvement through a program funded by the South Dakota Farmers Union Foundation called Junior Rural Economic Leadership And Development (Jr. REAL). Speakers included: Charlotte Henley, Toby Kane, Malcom Chapman, and Gerri Eide.

Jr. REAL teaches students how to articulate techniques for civic responsibility, leadership development, and basic life budgeting skills. In a world that is all about apps that can help you send anonymous hurtful snap chats or texts, it is important to take a moment and focus on what makes each person special and the fact that we are all different is awesome! Groton Area Grades 9-12 spent the morning taking time to learn how kindness to self, others, and community is important.

The students also spent time thinking of community involvement projects and the opportunity an individual has throughout the day to impact others by a smile or saying hi (one second opportunities). When you have the ability to see the world from someone else’s perspective, you not only open up opportunities for yourself, you gain the vision of how you can make an impact in your own hometown.

A special thanks to Groton High School for hosting the event and helping with organization. For more information about this or other programs offered by South Dakota Farmers Union Foundation please visit: www.sdfu.org or call 605-352-6761.