PAC MS/HS Teacher of the Week/Parking Spot

MS/HS Groton Area PAC is so proud to announce that the MS/HS Teacher of the Week will now also receive the use of a Personalized Parking Spot!  Each week a different MS/HS Groton Area Teacher is honored by receiving the "Teacher of the Week" black executive chair embroidered with "GT Teacher of the Week".  PAC is so excited to now be able to honor the "Teacher of the Week" both inside the school, and outside the school!

Plans are also underway to add some painted upgrades to the parking spot itself, so be sure to stop in sometime to get a peek at the completed "MS/HS Teacher of the Week" parking spot.  

MS/HS PAC works hard to support our teachers, staff, students, and the families of our community in so many ways, including: providing school supplies to students and teachers, providing meals to teachers during parent/teacher conferences, providing donations many times throughout the year to families, groups, or individuals in need, annual donation to the junior class to cover prom expenses, organizing and funding the Post Prom event each year, and giving of their individual time and talents throughout the year to serve the Groton Area Community.  

Thank you MS/HS PAC!  PAC members pictured left to right:

Joni Groeblinghof, Tara Fjelstad, Vicci Stange, Carol Smith