Jim Lane in front of GT Robotics sign.

Groton Area robotics pioneer, Jim Lane, was recently honored by the South Dakota Farmer’s Union for his selfless service.  According to the August 2019 edition of the South Dakota Union Farmer, “Each year, SDFU recognizes individuals who give back to their communities with the Rural Dakota Pride Award.” 

Jim is a constant presence in our school and in our community and continues to be impactful to the development of our students – particularly those who participate in robotics.  The time commitment by Jim for the benefit of his robotists epitomizes the power of a positive adult in the growth and development of children. 

Jim spends countless hours providing counsel and direction to the robotists, organizing and operating their tournament schedule, managing their supplies and equipment needs, and being a positive role model.

You can read the entire South Dakota Farmer’s Union article here.

Congratulations, Jim!