Text: Policy

Attendance at school events is a fun and important part of the educational experience of our students.  The importance of attendance in class, however, can’t be overstated and must not be overshadowed.  The following excerpt is from the MS/HS student handbook and addresses the issue of attendance at school-sponsored events as a spectator during the school day.  This does not pertain to those students who are participants in the event attending as part of their team or group.

The Board of Education and staff of the Groton Area Public School System recognize the education of the student as their primary responsibility.  The education of the student involves many facets including: classroom participation, learning experiences, and individual study.  A student can never make up the class instruction and participation, the discussions, the audio-visual presentations, and the student/teacher interaction which takes place on the day that a student is absent.  A student’s educational achievement in school is directly related to attendance.

Students are not allowed to attend regular school activities which are held during the school day unless they are watching a sibling, they are accompanied by a parent, and are not on the ineligibility list.  All students meeting the aforementioned criteria and who are planning on attending must have their parents notify the office at least one day in advance.  Any violations will result in an unexcused absence.  This includes any K-12 classroom or co-curricular activity, unless it is approved by the principal.  All work must be completed prior to being excused.

MS/HS Student Handbook, p. 15-16