Unofficial Results

During the 2023-2024 school district, the Groton Area Board of Education will be examining District finances to determine whether an opt-out from from the general fund tax limits is a necessary component for the District to continue offering the full scope of educational and extra-curricular programming currently in place. Thoughtful consideration of all the factors which come in to play will be critical in making a wise decision on a consequential issue.

Unofficial Election Results

A public election will be held to decide whether or not to approve an opt-out for the Groton Area School District on April 9, 2024 from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM with voting precincts in Groton, Columbia, Bristol, and Andover.

Election Precincts

Opt Out Resolution
Notice of Voter Registration

There will be three public meetings prior to the election:
March 11, 2024 at the Columbia Community Center 6:00 PM
March 19, 2024 at the Bristol Community Center 6:00 PM
March 25, 2024 at the Groton Community Center 6:00 PM

Opt-Out Issue Summary

10 Year Opt-Out Projection

October 10, 2023 Opt-Out Discussion/Financial History

Fiscal Year 2020 Expenditures
Fiscal Year 2021 Expenditures
Fiscal Year 2022 Expenditures
Fiscal Year 2023 Expenditures
Fiscal Year 2024 Expenditures Budget

Historical Reductions in Instructional Staff

Capital Outlay Transfer History
Five Year Capital Outlay Projection
Capital Projects Projection

Regional Tax Levy Comparison (Tax Year 2023)
Statewide Tax Levy Comparison (Tax Year 2023)

Statewide Opt-Outs by District (Tax Year 2024)

Tax Levy Impact Calculation
Tax Levy Impact Calculation Scenarios

Opt-Out Fact Brochure

Other Opt Out Resources
South Dakota Department of Revenue School Opt Out Information
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