The Groton Area School District owns and operates a full transportation service including seven regular bus routes, activity and athletics transportation, and transportation services for those in need of special transportation.

Our transportation fleet consists of 13 school buses and 12 other vehicles including cars, vans, and a pick-up.  

Our team of drivers includes the Transportation Manager, Loren Bahr, eight regular drivers and numerous substitutes/activity trip drivers.  Driving can be a very rewarding job and, if you're interested in becoming part of our team, please reach out to Loren Bahr at 605-397-8117.  Training is available to help you get started.  All drivers must possess a Class B Commercial Driver License and be able to pass a health screen and pre-employment drug test.  Once employed, all drivers remain part of a random drug testing pool.

Bus routes are established each year and adopted by the Groton Area Board of Education to promote maximum safety, efficiency, and minimum ride time by our students.  In some situations, transportation can be provided to students open enrolling into the district.