Community Update - March 24, 2020

Groton Area School Community,

You should have received a personal contact yesterday from your child’s teacher about the current state of affairs for the Groton Area School District.  Some of those contacts will continue to be made through today.

Beginning tomorrow morning (Wednesday, March 25) at 7:00 AM, the Groton Area Elementary Commons and Groton Area High School Gymnasium will be open to pick up academic materials and lunches.  If possible, we ask that you help us to manage the number of individuals in the building by following the timelines established below:


Grade Level

8:00 AM

JK/PreK and Grade 6

8:15 AM

K and Grade 7

8:30 AM

Grade 1 and Grade 8

8:45 AM

Grade 2 and Grade 9

9:00 AM

Grade 3 and Grade 10

9:15 AM

Grade 4 and Grade 11

9:30 AM

Grade 5 and Grade 12

9:45 AM

Busses will be loaded with materials for our out-of-town students.

Access to these spaces will be controlled in accordance with the CDC established guidelines of fewer than ten people.  If there is a line outside of the building, consider staying in your car until we can allow you in.  For anyone outside of town, we will be delivering materials via our school bus routes.  Work will begin to load those materials beginning at 9:45 and will continue until complete.

Following the School Board meeting that was held on Monday, March 23 I’d like to take an opportunity to inform you of the following:

  1. The Groton Area Prom has been postponed to a date TBD.  We acknowledge that it may not be possible to effectively reschedule this event, but out of care for the students whose school experience has been stripped, it was decided that if possible, we should try to allow for this event when it becomes safe and prudent to do so. 

    Given the possibility that this event may not take place, we are encouraging anyone with a tuxedo rental to cancel their rentals and for those who have not yet purchased dresses, shoes, etc. to please don’t go out and spend your money on those items until we can establish for certain that this event will be rescheduled.

  2. The music trip scheduled for mid-April has been cancelled.  Our music instructors will begin work to obtain the maximum refund possible.

  3. Graduation is not currently being moved.  There is wide agreement among board members and administrators that our class of 2020 has earned (or will have earned J) the opportunity for a graduation ceremony.  We will continue to monitor the guidelines and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the South Dakota Department of Health pertaining to appropriate sizes for gatherings as this important date approaches.

  4. We anticipate learning more from our state government officials today about what the immediate future holds for public schools in South Dakota and will announce any programming changes accordingly.

  5. Now, more than ever, the concept of parents and educators being partners in the education of our children is being tested.  As educators, we are leaning on families and students to help in ensuring that our students are not falling behind academically during these times.  Please join us in requiring mindful completion of student assignments and work with an emphasis on learning the material as opposed to rapid completion to check an item off a to-do list.

    Communication is much different – even if more important - right now due to our lack of face-to-face contact with our students.  We ask that you or your children be available for phone calls or email as appropriate from teachers and school staff and that you or your children will actively reach out for support as they need it.  We are still here and still working on behalf of our students.